Elevating Vehicle Service Station Management

Welcome to Auto Admin, your all-in-one solution for revolutionizing vehicle service station management. With a powerful suite of features designed to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and provide unparalleled insights, Auto Admin is your key to the future of automotive service. Our comprehensive system empowers businesses with a robust suite of features designed to streamline operations, elevate customer service, and drive growth.

Auto Admin offers unparalleled flexibility, operating seamlessly whether deployed in the cloud or locally. Accessible on both PCs and mobile devices, our user-friendly interface with customizable themes provides a visually pleasing and intuitive experience.

System Key Features

Service Desk:

At the heart of Auto Admin lies the Service Desk module, an engine for streamlined operations. Easily search for vehicles, generate new job cards, and assign primary job details, all within a few clicks. The system offers a high level of customization, allowing you to create and edit vehicle types, brands, models, job types, and activities tailored to the unique demands of your service station.

Customer Management:

Effortlessly manage customer interactions with our Customer Management module. Search and assign vehicles to customers seamlessly, and maintain detailed customer profiles for a personalized and efficient service experience.

Stock Management:

Optimize inventory control with our Stock Management module. Issue items for jobs, manage Goods Receipt Notes (GRN), and customize items, categories, subcategories, and brands to keep your stock operations finely tuned.

Billing & Invoicing:

Our Billing & Invoicing module simplifies transactions. Generate invoices with multiple payment modes, enable direct invoice generation, and easily print or email invoices for a seamless financial process.

Employees Management:

Auto Admin puts you in control of your team with the Employees Management module. From comprehensive employee profiles to performance monitoring, attendance, and leave management, ensure your workforce is operating at its best.

Reporting & Analytics:

Unlock the power of data with our Reporting & Analytics module. Gain insights into job monitoring, sales tracing, stock tracing, and employee performance through a variety of customizable reports.

System Settings:

Security is paramount. Administer user management and permissions with our System Settings module, ensuring secure access and data protection. Fine-tune other system settings for optimal performance.

System Options:

Tailor your experience with our System Options module. Manage user profiles, switch between light and dark themes, choose accent colors, and even adjust the main menu type to suit your preferences.


Auto Admin provides the flexibility of seamless integration, allowing you to choose between cloud-based accessibility for remote management or local integration for on-site control. Tailor the system to your preferences, ensuring a versatile and optimized solution for your vehicke service station management needs.

Technologies Behind Auto Admin